Edge Computing Covered and Diced

 🌊Wave if you love a bad science pun. Edge Computing is under the 🔬microscope in this video. Is the edge the solution 🧪for latency? Techhub PS and Red Hat think you’ll agree it is.

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What is Edge to Cloud?

Open opportunities with data-first modernization, connecting your data wherever it lives—from edge to cloud. With @HPE GreenLake you’re in control of fast-forwarding your multi-generational IT. #EdgeToCloud #HybridCloud Visit:

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How important are virtual desktop solutions in #hybridwork environments? What digital experiences do your employees need in hybrid? Reply to connect with an expert at Techhub PS for help developing a #VDI strategy.

How important are virtual desktop solutions in hybrid work environments? Does your organization have a blueprint (e.g., scope, key activities, priorities) to enable hybrid work? Comment to connect with a Microsoft VDI expert at Techhub PS who can help you an agile hybrid work strategy for your organization. @Microsoft #VirtualDesktop #VDI Visit: Or email us at :

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Work 2022: Rewriting the Rules for Work

After 2020, our work lives will never be the same. How does your company address this new paradigm? Take a look at this @Citrix Workspace blog about five innovations we can expect in today’s remote work environment, from the explosion of virtual meetings to the innovation of hybrid jobs that require skills for a new economy. #CitrixWorkspace #digitalworkspace #HybridWork

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The Benefits of a Red Hat Subscription

Why roll the dice 🎲 with your software vendor? A Red Hat subscription is a sure bet: tech for your entire stack, access to a huge ecosystem of partners, help from a support team of engineers, plus updates and patches. Techhub PS can deal you in today.  #RedHat

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