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Cisco SD-WAN offers a software-defined WAN solution that enables enterprises and organizations to connect users to their applications securely. It provides a software overlay that runs over standard network transport, including MPLS, broadband, and internet, to deliver applications and services. The overlay network extends the organization’s network to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and multicloud environments, thereby accelerating their shift to the cloud.

This virtualized network runs on the industry’s most broadly deployed routing technology, from physical branch routers such as the Cisco Catalyst® 8000 Edge Platforms Family to virtual machines in the cloud such as the Cisco vEdge Cloud routers. Centralized controllers, which oversee the control plane of the Cisco SD-WAN fabric, efficiently manage the provisioning, maintenance, and security for the entire Secure Extensible Network (SEN) overlay network.

Cisco vManage provides a highly visualized dashboard that simplifies network operations. It provides centralized configuration, management, operation, and monitoring across the entire SD-WAN fabric. Integration with Cisco Umbrella® accelerates the transition to a SASE architecture. Open programmability enables data extraction for enhanced visibility and actionable insights

Cisco SD-WAN offers integrated security, including full-stack multilayer security capabilities on the premises and in the cloud. This integrated security provides real-time threat protection where and when it is needed — for branches connecting to multiple Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or IaaS clouds, data centers, or the internet, further accelerating the transition to a SASE-enabled architecture.

Course Outline

● Examining the Cisco SD WAN Architecture
● Examining Cisco SD-WAN Deployment Options
● Deploying WAN Edge Devices
● Onboarding WAN Edge Devices with ZTP and PnP
● Using Device Configuration Templates
● Exploring Redundancy, High Availability, and Scalability
● Enabling Service-Side and Transport-Side Routing
● Understanding Cisco SD-WAN Policy Configuration Basics
● Defining Advanced Control Policies
● Defining Advanced Data Policies
● Implementing AAR
● Examining Direct Internet Access and Cloud Deployment Options
● Exploring Cisco SD-WAN Security
● Designing and Migrating to Cisco SD-WAN
● Performing Cisco SD-WAN Network Management and Troubleshooting
● Examining Cisco SD-WAN Multicast Support

Lab Outline

● Deploy Cisco SD-WAN Controllers
● Add a WAN Edge Router Using ZTP
● Deploy Cisco SD-WAN Device Using Configuration Templates
● Configure Cisco SD-WAN Controller Affinity
● Implement Service Side Routing Protocols
● Implement Transport Location (TLOC) Extensions
● Implement Control Policies
● Implement Data Policies
● Implement Application-Aware Routing
● Implement Branch and Regional Internet Breakouts
● Migrate Branch Sites
● Perform Cisco SD-WAN Software Upgrade