Business Risk Assessments

Business Risk Assessments

“Accordance with compliance mitigates challenges”

As technology is evolving so are the governance and compliance policies. You have to stay focused on your business goals and objectives while keeping up with mandatory compliance regulations. Evolving is a part of adapting to new business environments while being on track with your plans. This is where business assessments help you, by reminding you of where you stand and what mark you want to reach. We provide you with these assessments that review and evaluate your current standing and align you with your objective, industry standard, and technical advancements.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Cloud readiness assessment declares if your system is ready for cloud migration. For this, an assessment is performed that includes checking the bandwidth, reliability, and security to work with cloud services. Your infrastructure, application, and data are analyzed to determine the right cloud migration strategy for you.

Cybersecurity Assessment

Cybersecurity protects your system from data breaches. It also protects and keeps all of the system safe from malicious attacks. Firstly, we perform a cybersecurity assessment of your system to identify the gaps in your infrastructure, applications, data, and procedures. Then we suggest IT services that you can avail to protect yourself. This assessment contains; Security Risk Report, Security Policy Assessment Report, Share Permission Report by Computer, Share Permission Report By User, Compliance Review, and Cybersecurity Policy Reports.

Network Assessment

A network assessment assesses the functionality of the system, looking for any security concerns and threats to the network. We provide you with a comprehensive network assessment that covers all the components relating to the network and its security. Here risks are identified, vulnerabilities are detected and A Bring Your Device (BYOD) assessment is performed.

Wireless Assessment

This provides a comprehensive view of your system considering various factors that are related to it. We help you to meet the defined wireless objectives efficiently. Once the assessment is done for wireless , we note down the challenges and risks attached to it. Then we suggest the opportunities and suggestions that can be implemented for the installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of the wireless network.