Cloud Service

Cloud Service Intro

“Move towards Agility and Security with Cloud Service”

Development in technology has enabled advancements that are supporting businesses to grow and scale at a faster pace. Cloud service is a prime example of this. Now you can work anywhere and interact everywhere. With the help of cloud service, you can increase your productivity and decrease capital and operational expenditure costs. A subscription-based cloud model also helps with budgeting. 

You can purchase a cloud service depending on the requirements and usage of your company. Cloud Service comes with a lot of benefits such as cloud computing and limitless storage capacity.
Cloud Service allows you to rapidly complete projects without lengthy procedures and costs. You will no longer need to buy servers or update your applications and operating systems. We will help you find the right solution for your platform.
Depending upon the structure of your company (centralized or decentralized), and its goals, you will get the right cloud service for your business. It could be a public, private, or hybrid model.

Cloud Services Readiness Assessment

Cloud service readiness determines the feasibility of your cloud migration. For this, we analyze your applications, data, and infrastructure to check if your business has the bandwidth, dependability, and security to acquire the cloud service. We scrutinize the current IT infrastructure in place, checking your security requirements and operational readiness. After that, we provide you with a budget and services that you can opt for from the services listed here.

  • Essential Cloud Services

These are the seven cloud services that are important for your business:

Hosted email

Cloud-based business continuity

Cloud backup

File synch ad sharing

Voice over IP (VoIP)

Web conferencing

Website hosting

  • Advanced Cloud

These services can be added depending on the needs of your business.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Customer service application

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Marketing automation

Private Cloud

Encrypted email

  • Traditional on-premises services

Some traditional on-premises services we offer are


Domain controllers

Local backup

Active directory services

Cloud Migration & Management

Manage your IT infrastructure remotely without any risks of security, inconvenience, and on-premises costs. Businesses today have shifted to remote work, which is only effective as long as your information and processes are streamlined and stable.

Cloud migration & management will assist you in scaling your capabilities, increasing usage, and operating smoothly as the data will be shared on permission-based access to your employees, vendors, and customers. With this, you will have an integrated and connected working environment. You can manage all the work while having a subscription-based plan to pay as you go to meet your business needs.

The complexity of migration to the cloud depends on the number of resources supporting each project and specific migration techniques are devised to implement for your business

Cloud Backup and Storage

Cloud services enable your devices to run efficiently as the hard drives will not have to carry a lot of data. The major categories they cater to are:
  • Desktop storage
  • Desktop as a service
  • Infrastructure as a service
It will also secure you from losing data due to device failure. The data will be on the cloud, allowing you to target performance and scaling initiatives. Your equipment and system will have speed and smooth running which will give you swift results and productivity. You can utilize both front and back-office applications to boost your results. For this, we offer effective services such as: Data Backup/Business Continuity, Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP), Applications, Database Servers, Hosted Email, Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Storage.

Cloud Security

Security is an integral part of any cloud service. Our cloud security is encrypted end to end with separate data work streams, implementing firewalls. It also comes with authentication methods to make your platform secure and sturdy. It centralizes protection across cloud infrastructure with a unified control plane deploying multiple and hybrid cloud planes. It reduces the risk of security breaches against malicious data theft, enables data recovery for data loss, and deters any negligence or human error that can result in a data leak. It also reduces the possibility of data or system compromise or impact. It does it through cloud security, identity and access management (IAM), governance, data retention (DR), and business continuity (BC) planning and legal compliance.


Desktop as a service(Daas) helps you in reducing your resources and utilize your potential to the fullest. It gives you virtual desktops that can be used anywhere for flexibility, stability, and growth. DaaS reduces your work and gives users and administrators convenience of usage. All the security, performance, and applications are handled in the cloud so that you do not have to worry about updates.

Similarly, Infrastructure as a Service(Iaas) aids you in reducing your capital expenditures by providing a subscription-based cloud platform for hardware, storage, and network components. So you do not have to spend on managing data centers or on-premises servers, while you can scale your infrastructure as per your need with varying pricing models and frequency of usage.

Office 365

Seamless communication, collaboration, and accessibility, enhance the productivity of your business. We provide you with office 365 so that you can advance your business processes while achieving efficiency. It optimizes your business processes as it provides you with multiple benefits;

    •   You can store and access your files in the cloud so that they can be used remotely
    •   It is a secure platform with different security measures in place.
    •   It centralizes and streamlines your communication so that collaboration is easy.
    •   It is cost-effective as it has a subscription-based model to work as per your need
    •   Business continuity is a part of it so that you can have smooth running operations even if something goes wrong with your physical devices.
    • You can grow your business using its various components