Cybersecurity and Compliance

Cybersecurity and Compliance

“Guard against the cyber attacks waiting to exploit”

Cloud compliance and security are crucial especially in this environment where many companies have shifted to cloud computing to implement a hybrid workforce. This means that cyber attacks are a threat that constantly looms over them. Most of these include phishing, DDoS, and social engineering attacks. It is imperative to analyze the risks that come with cloud computing, insufficient and poor planning of cloud infrastructure can result in over-budget implementation including cybersecurity risks.

The right kind of cloud solution can curb all the risks by implementing a governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) framework that mitigates the gaps, improving visibility and regulation management. The cybersecurity and compliance solutions we provide monitor and protect your system constantly giving you reliability and convenience for your business. You will have improved data management, enforced compliance, auditing capabilities, powerful data protection, and enhanced security so that your operational efficiency can be increased.

Compliance & Regulatory Services

We assist you to implement a compliance & regulatory solution that fits your industry. Some compliance and regulatory standards are HIPAA, PCI, etc. Our compliance & regulatory services are diverse from email to endpoint protection systems.

Security risks: analyze and accommodate

The first step is to access the infrastructure and all the other components of the system so that all the risks associated with it can be checked to increase visibility across it. Once the risks are defined and identified then a strategy to mitigate them is devised, where protection is added to the gaps in the system.

Stringent compliance implementation

Governance of compliance and adhering to it can become complicated especially when you have other targets and initiatives to meet. With our compliance and regulatory services, you can easily hand over this task to us so that it is managed proactively and professionally.

Cybersecurity and Advanced Solutions

Our cybersecurity and advanced solutions are extensive in their monitoring of cyber risks so that they can implement strategies that can foolproof your business from its threats. To have these solutions in place we perform a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment to analyze the kind of need and support your business needs. This assessment covers your infrastructure, applications, data, and related components, identifying the security gaps and bridging them by forming a specified plan for them. This assessment comprises;
  • Security Risk Report
  • Security Policy Assessment Report
  • Share Permission Report by Computer:
  • Share Permission Report By User:
  • Compliance Review
  • Cybersecurity Policy Reports


Our services also include the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). With the proliferation of cloud computing services, it is crucial to maintain the data of patients’ health records. We uphold the integrity of the health care providers by ensuring that we can protect the privacy of individual data that is transferred.

A cybersecurity examination

We will review your current security in place; the controls and protocols that are being utilized. The analysis will identify the risks in the existing system then we will suggest a framework that your business needs. This examination will define asset and risk management, governance procedure, data security and information protection, backup and recovery planning, and more.