Fixed Scope Cisco FTD Mentored Install

Scope of Services
  • Create documents needed for the Design & Deployment for the Cisco FTD Mentored Install.
  • Installation and configuration of the Cisco FTD HA Pair devices and virtual FMC.
  • Installation as perimeter Firewall with Internet and VPN connectivity.
    §Deploy AnyConnect VPN for remote user on-boarding through signed certificates.
  • FTD RAIDUS authentication setup with Cisco ISE or any AAA server.
  • Site-Site VPN configuration and testing with at least and up to 2 remote sites.
  • Configuring public server hosting with NAT traversal.
  • Configuring Access Policies (Basic, Application, URL)
  • Configuring IPS and Malware filtering.

Hybrid Delivery Model

  • Hybrid delivery model for cost optimization
  • 2 On-site Engineers for 5 Man days
  • 1 Remote Support Engineer for support and documentation for 15 Man days
  • Dedicated project management

Delivering the following use cases:

  • Migration from legacy FW (documentation to be provided in advance)
  • Configuring L3 between the FTD and the traditional Campus Core Switch
  • Setting up RBAC to the FMC and FTD solution.

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