Fixed Scope Cisco SD-Access Mentored Install

Scope of Services
  • Create documents needed for the Design & Deployment for the SD-Access Mentored Install.
  • Installation and configuration of the 3XCisco DNA-C Cluster and the Cisco ISE Application.
  • Integration of Cisco DNA-C and Cisco ISE.
  • Deploy and configure 2 x Supported WLC and 50 Access Points.
  • Deploy and configure up to 25 x Fabric Edge nodes.
  • Deploy and configure 2 x Fabric Border/Control nodes each.
  • Discovering (PnP) and automating the underlay devices for the Fabric.
  • Overlay automation configuration using DNA-C on fabric devices.
  • Integration of Cisco ISE with an External Identity server using LDAP.

Hybrid Delivery Model

  • Hybrid delivery model for cost optimization
  • 2 On-site Engineers for 7 man days
  • 1 Remote Support Engineer for support and documentation for 15 man days
  • Dedicated Project Management

Delivering use cases through the following configuration:

  • Segmentation using SGT, TrustSec, Wired Dot1X Authentication/MAB, Policy Creation, Device Profiling
  • BGP automation for Fabric to Non-Fabric communication through the Fusion Routers
  • Configuration of the Fusion Router to allow inter-VRF & non-fabric communication
  • Onboarding up to 500 end user devices through the wired and the wireless network.
  • Migrating users from existing campus network to the Cisco SD-Access Campus.
  • Installation of Cisco StealthWatch for traffic flow monitoring and ETA. Integration with Cisco ISE.
  • Setting up the Assurance App for complete Network Device and Host 360 monitoring.

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