Fixed Scope Cisco SD-WAN Mentored Install

Scope of Services
  • Create documents needed for Design & Deployment for the SD-WAN installation.
  • Installation and configuration of the Cisco v-Manage, v-Smart and the v-Bond cluster.
  • Secure integration of all SD-WAN controllers over TLS/DTLS
  • Deploy and configure 2 x HUB/DC sites in redundancy with up to 3 X WAN Edges each.
  • Deploy and configure up to 10 x Fabric Branches with 2 X WAN Edges each.
  • Setup up to three service providers for MPLS or Internet at each site.
  • Discovering and configuring the WAN Edges devices using Zero Touch Provisioning.
  • Configuring Services side routing protocol (OSPF/BGP) and tuning BFD using Feature Templates.
  • Configuring specific Device Templates for WAN Edges at each site.
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Hybrid Delivery Model

Delivering the following use cases:

  • End-to-End Segmentation using services side VPNs/VRFs
  • Setting up Overlay Management Protocol to establish a working Fabric
  • Setting up various TLOCs and Colors for transport-based routing configuration
  • Configuring Centralized Control Policies to showcase segment/site/application-based routing
  • Demonstrating Service Insertion and Centralized Data Policies
  • Application Aware / SLA / DSCP based routing to choose preferred path.
  • Deploying WAN Edges in the AWS cloud and extending the branch (if required)

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