Fixed Scope Cisco Tetration Mentored Install

Scope of Services
  • Create documents needed for the Design & Deployment for the Cisco Tetration-V Mentored Install.
  • Installation and setup of the Cisco Tetration-V.
  • Creating Scopes, Roles and Users.


  • Hardware Sensors in Cisco Switches
  • Netflow Sensors
  • Deploy ERSPAN Sensors in up to 10 uplinks
  • Deploying Software sensors in up to 50 VM workloads on VMWare ESXi.

Hybrid Delivery Model

  • Hybrid delivery model for cost optimization
  • 2 On-site Engineers for 5 man days
  • 1 Remote Support Engineer for support and documentation for 15 man days
  • Dedicated Project Management

Delivering the following use cases:

  • Setting up Application Dependencies Mapping
  • Configuring Tetration Analytics Policy
  • Reviewing Tetration Policy Analysis
  • Integrating Tetration with 1 external Application using APIs

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