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Hiring Options

If you are looking to hire for a short-term project, long-term project, or if you simply want to fill a full-time position directly, we will provide the best options and resources. 

Ways to hire:



Direct Placement

Custom Placement

Skill Sets

Project Managers

Digital and Technical Project Managers with the expertise to plan and execute a project with a specific scope from a defined start to a complete finish, with industry or company-specific experience and from a variety of educational backgrounds and skill-sets.

Product Managers

Digital Product Managers overseeing the entire life cycle of the product, delivering various tasks including product architecture and customer development with expertise in numerous industries including e-commerce, finance, healthcare and more.

Solutions Architects

Expertise in charge of introducing the overall technical vision of a business, with a balanced mix of technical and business skills. Responsible for the design of one or more applications or services within an organization.

Desktop Engineers

Experts providing setup and support for the computer infrastructure of the business. Bringing their extensive knowledge of software, hardware, computer networks and much more, Desktop Engineers implement systems depending on your business needs.


Professional Programmers or Coders creating computer software by writing code in various computer languages. Specialists in one area of computers or in diverse types of software.


Experienced and professional software and web developers, writing computer programs or specializing in the development of web applications, with expertise across hundreds of technologies.

Infrastructure Systems Administrators

Experts in monitoring infrastructure services by coordinating maintenance upgrades and resolving IT issues. Applying operating system updates and changes, evaluating system logs and providing ongoing troubleshooting

Cloud Computing Engineers

Seasoned IT Professionals responsible for any technological needs relating to cloud computing, including creating, implementing, planning, managing, maintenance and support. Experts who specialize in various cloud technologies.