Fixed Scope Cisco ACI & HyperFlex Mentored Install

Scope of Services
  • Create documents needed for Design & Deployment for the SD-WAN installation. 
  • APIC Installation ( Initial Setup of APICs, Initializing the ACI Fabric )
  • Fabric Discovery limited to 3 Spines and 6 Leaf switches
  • Access Policies Configuration.
  • Configuring out of band management (OOB).
  • Tenant Creation.
  • VRF and a Bridge Domain (BD) Setup.
  • Bridge Domain Configuration. 
  • Configuring Filter, Contracts.

Hybrid Delivery Model

  • Hybrid delivery model for cost optimization
  • 2 on-site Engineers for 10 man days
  • 1 Remote Support Engineer for support and documentation for 15 man days
  • Dedicated Project Management

Delivering the following use cases:

  • End Point Group Configuration.
  • Configuration to connect external devices Including vPC.
  • Application Network Profile Configuration.
  • Configuring Ext. Layer 2 Connectivity.
  • Connectivity Ext. Layer 3 Connectivity.
  • Verify and Explore ACI Contracts.
  • VMM Integration (vCenter Integration).
  • 2 X L4-L7 Device integration with ACI Fabric

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